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What are Wearables?

Reid Print Technologies are the Australian specialists among the flexible print sectors. More specifically wearable technology, also known as wearables. Wearables are an electronically printed circuitry that is embedded into fabric or textile materials. The printed circuitry transforms any material into a smart fabric, enabling many performance capabilities.

It can go as far as incorporating GPS tracking into your activewear to track how far and where you go on your daily jogs. The possibilities are endless. By utilising low temperature curing inks formulated for use on flexible substrates, Reid Print Technologies use of deep technical understandings enables advanced printed electronics applications for an expanding range of new, innovative products.

Wearables are utilised in a variety of industry including:

- Medical and Healthcare
- Military and defence
- Sports science
- Consumer retail
- Safety apparel

Features of our wearable e-textiles

- Flexible
- Made to order offering full customisation
- Large surface area for accurate sensing solutions
- Easy integration into existing garments
- Low cost, high volume manufacturing benefits
- Durability in extreme environments
- Thermal resistance
- Electrical resistance

Compatible technology for integration into the Wearables includes:

- Environmental sensors
- Temperature sensors
- Pressure sensors
- Moisture sensors
- Vibration sensors
- Touch sensors
- GPS tracking
- Biometrics
- Internet of Things (IoT) compatibility

As all of our flexibly printed sensors are IoT compatible it is important to understand what this feature entails. Through connection platforms like Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G, Satellite and Bluetooth, IoT devices are inter-connected, with the purpose to make life easier. Many industries including healthcare, aerospace, defence, safety and consumer retail have already utilised this technology and reaped the benefits.

If our wearable technology can help benefit your idea or product, enquire with us today.

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