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Functional Printed Electronics

Most electronic devices until recently worked only with rigid substrates. Today most notably, technology for materials, component design and manufacturing methods allow us to produce low power electronic circuitry that conforms to irregular shapes and surfaces, even those that are incorporated into devices on the human body.

This new approach to printed electronics is called many names, organic electronics, flexible electronics, conductive plastics, and many others. Furthermore this flexibility allows us to significantly improve the performance in applications such as medical devices, to wearable technology and many other industries.

Smart and Stretchable Printed Electronics

Smart stretchable ultra-thin electronics is a technology used for a variety of purposes in flexible sensors, with one of the most common being for integration into wearable apparel, medical devices and motion analysis.

You’re most likely to see stretchable electronics used in industries such as sports science, safety clothing, orthopaedic modelling, medical devices, and industrial applications and even more.

By utilising low temperature curing inks formulated for use on flexible substrates, Reid Print Technologies' deep technical understanding enables advanced printed electronics applications for an expanding range of new, innovative products.

Hence we offer R&D co-operation possibilities and several flexible stretchable electronics manufacturing options, creating endless active possibilities that can be fully integrated into your design.

Printed Electronic Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Our customers are coming up with new applications each day and often they need to test their ideas before moving forward to full scale production. Therefore this makes REID your ideal partner in these situations because our combinations of digital and screen printing processes allow us to quickly produce prototype batches in small quantities for testing at a reasonable cost.

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Reid Print Technologies' Advantage with Functional Printed Electronics :

Physical Advantages for Stretchable Printed Electronics.

  • More flexibility design possibilities than rigid components.
  • Conform to irregular shaped surfaces.
  • Thinner profile suits many applications.
  • Allows the circuit to bend to its desired applicable shape.
  • Allows for more compact devices.
  • Terminations for solder tabs.
  • High conformity to bending - suitable for devices that move such as the human body.
  • Easier to prepare for harsh environments either internal or external use.
  • Printing process manufacturing and assembly advantage for high volume production.