Australian Defence and Aerospace Projects

Reid Print Technologies is typically situated as a Tier 1 or Tier 2 supplier.
Manufacturing robust Graphic HMI Products, Flexible Printed Electronics and High Specification Labelling as part of Australia's Defence Industry Capability.

Our Defence customers include Department of Defence, Boeing Australia, BAE Systems Australia, SAAB Australia Pty Ltd, Eniquest, Total Aerospace Solutions


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The Australian Defence and Emergency Services Industries projects below were recently completed.

Boeing Australia

  • Transit Cases for Project Currawong – Field Grounding Kit labels

    Manufactured from durable outdoor Industrial Grade Polyester Film with 3M LSE adhesive.
  • Required to meet survivability of at least +70°C to -30°C, and be UV resistant.
  • Flexible material with the ability to maintain adhesion to a low surface energy material during rapid temperature fluctuations.
  • Multiple unique sequential identifier codes included on each label.

SAAB Australia Pty Ltd (South Australia) – Domestic Defence

  • Collins Class Submarine – Fire retardant labels with variable serial numbering

    Label material complied with standard BSS 7239 (TOXIC GAS TESTING). This standard is used in the commercial aerospace and rail industries.
  • Label sets manufactured to precise requirements to +-0.2mm tolerance.
  • Project required a batch run of 6,100 labels, all with independent serial numbers.


  • Power maker Military AC Diesel Generator Control Panel – Membrane Keypad with tactile embossed buttons.

    Manufactured from the highest quality outdoor industrial grade Polyester film to withstand the toughest Australian Defence requirements.
  • Embossed buttons with rugged tactile domes, tested to withstand 2 million actuations.
  • Control panel is supplied with or without antiglare transparent filters for the digital readout.
  • Total thickness 1.5mm, comes with an easy peal 3M VHB adhesive ready for fitting straight on to the generator unit.

Total Aerospace Solutions Pty Ltd

  • Med Systems Control Panel - Membrane Keypad with back-lighting (night vision technology)

    Integrated with Electroluminescent & SMD Led backlighting, fitted with NVIS filters.
  • This Membrane Keypad Satisfies the night vision technology of MIL-STD-3009 and DO-275 Conformance, and can be integrated and deployed in Aero-Medical and Military applications all over the world.
  • Tactile buttons have illuminated icons in an NVG package, clear illumination of the panel allows for Aeromedical service personal to operate in a safe environment.
  • Membrane switch has tactile buttons; unit has a total thickness of approximately 1.2mm thick.