The importance of Digital Colour Management

Every product produced at Reid Print Technologies goes through rigorous review. We test our Digital Colour profiles for conformance to specific performance requirements identified at the design stage.

Digital Colour management is always critical, we ensure colour conformity exists across all the products that represent your company in the market.

Digital Colour Matching

Reid Print Technologies has a full in-house Digital Colour-matching and Screen Printing ink-mixing department, offering total control from colour approval to dispatch.

Utilising a computerised colour matching system we are able to offer total colour consistency from order to order.

Our accurate and calibrated system not only ensures perfect colour matching but also calculates the exact amount of ink required for each print run. This in turn eliminates waste and ultimately guarantees our customer’s products are being manufactured as ‘lean’ as possible.

We have the capabilities to match to any colour system (Pantone, RAL, BS, Munsell etc…), or a corporate hybrid. We can also offer phosphorescent or metallic blends. All colours are checked in a D65 light box before being released to production.

All of our Ink Technicians have been trained to industry-leading standards by the ink manufacturers. This in-depth training has given our technicians an understanding of inks on a molecular level, leading to a thorough knowledge of ink behaviour and colour control.

Whether you require graphic overlays, labels or membrane switches, we can guarantee perfect colour consistency every time.