NAMEPLATES Product Overview

Custom nameplates are the perfect identification solution, especially in harsh environments where ordinary labels just won’t do. You can specify your message, emphasise your brand, and create a tracking system for your inventory. Add your company logo, information, bar code, numbering, and more. Reid Print Technologies offers a range of nameplates that can be used in conjunction with, or as an alternative to graphic overlays and are a long-lasting durable option when it comes to displaying your brand or other important specification information. They can withstand harsh, rugged conditions and remain rigid even when exposed to external elements. Nameplates are largely known for being tough. Their resistance to rusting and deterioration allowing for their use across a wide range of applications and for a variety of requirements. Nameplates are so robust; they can be fixed directly onto the bolt assembly of railway tracks where they are used for joint identification purposes or can also be attached to equipment such as power generators to indicate critical information for specific operating environments.

Product Options and Direct Printing

Reid Print Technologies offers a range of custom nameplate options including anodised aluminum, stainless steel, or powder-coated finishes that can be printed with a range of colours using epoxy inks. At Reid Print Technologies we use an epoxy-based ink, which possesses excellent adhesion over a wide range of difficult metal, ceramic and plastic surfaces including aluminum, copper, brass, tinplate, steel, and most other alloys, ceramic, glass, vitreous enamel, phenolic (Bakelite), ureas/melamine (Formica), resin impregnated papers for laminating, acrylic, flame treated polyethylene and polypropylene, nylon, and certain grades of polyester film.

When it comes to mounting your nameplate, Reid Print Technologies offers an extensive range of heavy-duty 3M adhesives that can withstand any environment, or simply choose to punch mounting holes directly into your nameplate. Round cornering is also available to your specifications.

Reid Print Technologies also offers a service to directly print onto your flat pre-fabricated face panels or chassis, simply supply to use directly or from your contractor.