Stand out from your competition with our exclusive Custom Enhancements

With our varied knowledge of plastic films, speciality pressure sensitive materials and adhesives; Reid Print Technologies has unique technologies to combine multiple custom converting techniques, custom enhancements that will truly give your product unique constructions and longer life in the field.

Our diverse capabilities and custom enhancements include laser cutting, precise adhesive lamination, custom die cutting, thermal hydro forming embossing and CNC routering. We also specialise in robotic pick and placement of smd components and liquid lensing of labels.

By combining these capabilities with metal tactile dome technologies,  Snaptron and Duraswitch, and we are able to produce highly specified interface products to suit your needs.

Projecon Hot Embossing Machine

The Projecon Hot Embosser is a two-operator station embossing machine that can be used for forming and embossing a number of different plastic films including, polyester, polycarbonate or composite materials such as Bayfol. It can also be used to emboss foils such as aluminium and copper. Unlike other embossing processes, the Projecon Hot Embosser does not damage the embossed shape at the crease line, giving your product longer mechanical life in the field.

Laser Cutting Capabilities

We have three laser cutting machines consisting of the following;

1 x Sei Eureka Laser equipped with optical camera registration. Cutting area of 650 x 450 mm

1 x GCC Laser Pro Laser with cutting area of 610 x 450 mm

1 x Omnisign Plus Laser with a cutting area of 1200 x 800 mm

All lasers are equipped with vacuum tables to assist with precise alignment and cutting of the printed films.

Multicam M-1212 CNC Routing

Our newly installed Multicam M-1212 CNC Router is equipped with the Multicam Vision System and vacuum table that ensures machining and printing are perfectly aligned because it automatically compensates for any positioning errors that may arise during the manufacturing process.

Die Cutting and Creasing

Our Die cutting equipment consisting of 2 x heavy duty cutting and creasing platens, with a cutting area of 600 x 400 mm. These robust machines are capable of cutting materials up to 1mm thick to accuracy of +-0.2mm

PX-3700 Automated SMD Pick and Place

The PX-3700 has a modular structure and has been adapted for the assembly of prototypes and medium volumes of flexible printed circuits.
With a wide range of SMD components, ranging from 0603 to larger sized SMT chips, even complex tasks can be flexibly assembled.
Current capability is a maximum of 20 possible feeder positions. With intelligent software, our changeover times can be reduced to a minimum.
Range of applications. Precision assembling and dispensing of low and medium volume SMT, utilising multiple camera optical registration positions.

Automated Label Lensing

Whether it's digital or screen printed labels, sequential numbering for asset tracking, or simply brand recognition, our lensing enhancements will provide extra protection and appeal to your product.