We can design and manufacture Force Sensing Resistors to suit your requirements and resistance range specifications. ALL LOCALLY MANUFACTURED IN BRISBANE AUSTRALIA.

Simple, thin, and flexible. Force Sensing Resistors, also widely known as FSR's or Pressure Sensors, is a resistive sensor that responds to a force that is applied to the active sensing area. In simple terms, an FSR is a sensor that's resistance changes when pressure is applied to it. These Pressure Sensors consist of multiple thin and flexible substrates that have been electronically printed into specific configurations with specialised inks.

The force or pressure data that has been collected through the sensors are then measured to give valuable feedback, supplying critical data across a diverse range of industries. Electronically printed FSR's are low-cost and versatile to manufacture in a range of sizes shapes and configurations. This also provides the added advantages of allowing for full customisation where needed.

Force Sensing Resistors are widely used to detect weight and pressure for machine calibration in an order to measure compression, force, strain and load. Industry applications include devices for computer input, musical instrumentation, medical measuring devices, robotics, automotive, interactive toys, sports and more.

FSR's can be split into two distinct categories, being shunt mode and thru mode. Each type of FSR is suited for different applications and specifications.

We can help you from design through to prototyping and manufacture. For your next FSR - Force Sensing Resistor project, contact one of our technical team members to get an overview of all the possibilities available at Reid Print Technologies.


Thru mode FSR is a printed circuit on a polyester film, positioned on the outer parts, while the conductive parts are securing the pressure-sensitive layers. An adhesive layer is then integrated to combine these two layers of substrate together.


Shunt mode FSR are the most commonly used of the FSR family. This type of FSR has the most basic configuration, where the resistance of the FSR changes by applying pressure to the surface for the ink to touch the electrodes.


We have the capability in-house, to design and manufacture fully integrated FSR's to suit your highest compliance standards covering a range of applications. If you need an FSR for your medical device or large equipment monitoring, our design team can tailor a solution to suit your needs.