Through our advanced manufacturing practices, established expertise and knowledge, Reid Print Technologies introduces Reid Labs - our cutting-edge Research and Development Division.

For over 30 years, Reid Print Technologies has been making innovative breakthroughs in the flexible printed electronics industry. As Reid Print Technologies is the only onshore Australian manufacturer in this space, we can facilitate a more hands-on and collaborative approach to commercialising your next product or invention. Flexible print technology is often unnecessarily outsourced from low-quality off-shore manufacturers, causing grievances in R+D projects such as time delays, miscommunication, and poor quality. 

Reid Labs offers an extensive range of research and development capabilities including; design, research, testing, prototyping, and product commercialisation. Reid Labs has allowed Australian companies access to the advanced flexible printed electronics technology to find solutions and modernisation to new and existing products and concepts.

Reid Labs has Quality Certification to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Medical.


What we can do for you ?

From robust HMI assemblies, to wearable technologies, to sensor-enabled medical devices - our Reid Labs division is well-equipped to bring your bespoke ideas to reality. 

A few of our past research and development projects include: 

  • Double sided carbon sensors with through hole vias, with resistance ranges to suit customer needs
  • Touch, pressure, moisture, velocity, pollution, and vibration sensors 
  • Temperature Sensors embedded into wearable TPU Film
  • Bespoke wearable sensor solutions with SMD technology 
  • Specialist vehicle and vessel dashboards and in-cabin circuitry and controls 
  • Active responders enabled with UHF, NFC, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi
  • Bespoke FSR sensors for medical applications, with resistance ranges to suit customer requirements
  • PTC Heaters for handheld devices
  • Patented Bluetooth enabled flexible in-sole sensor with friction, force, temperature, step counter and more