PTC Heaters are well suited to a range of industries and applications.
  • Medical
  • Apparel
  • Equipment and Devices
  • Sports Performance
  • Industrial
  • Mining
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace

Reid Labs and Reid Print Technologies have mastered this technology on a manufacturing scale. This has given Reid Labs and Reid Print Technologies the ability to assist customers from prototyping, all the way through to product commercialisation in the wearables and specialist appliance space.

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PTC Heaters - Flexible & Wearable

Positive Temperature Coefficient Flexible Heater (PTC Heater)

A flexible Positive Temperature Coefficient or PTC Heater is a modern solution to many issues of the industry and can be designed to suit your particular application. To its core, Reid's flexible heaters are fully customisable and made to order. With a range of temperature resistances, shapes, sizes, and configurations, PTC Heaters provide a great way to enhance new and innovative products. Reid Labs in conjunction with Reid Print Technologies has the full capabilities to research, design, develop, prototype, and manufacture PTC Heaters on flexible and wearable substrates to suit a wide variety of applications, all under the one roof at our purpose-built facility in Queensland.

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