NFC - Flexible Printed Antennas for Tags and Readers

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a type of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Printed NFC Antennas have various advantages during the process of making electronics systems easily integrated, light-weight, cost-effective, robust and mobile.

Reid Print Technologies specializes in aiding the system integration process of its clients through the process of design, development, and industrial scale production of various types of flexible printed thin film NFC Antennas for both tags, and reader on the choice of their substrate/surface.

Based on the applications requirement, our proven ability to print a robust capacitor along with Inductor coils enhances the ease of tunability of the entire NFC resonance circuitry without the aid of additional capacitors. We also have the expertise in embedding external capacitors for energy harvesting purposes, along with placing the micro and nano chip at the desired location of the printed NFC circuitry. Thereby, our Printed NFC Antenna solutions can make the systems lighter and agile compared to the bulky antenna made of ferrite, copper, etc.

Fully Printed NFC Passive Tags - Technology

We provide customization support for the system integrators of our clients who can utilize our thin film printed antennas during their NFC enabled application design and development. Applications where our solution can be utilized have a wide range from secured wireless payment systems, packing, signage, Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), elements tracking, implants, etc.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a wirelessly working technology focused on 13.56 MHz resonating frequency. This Smart Printed Electronics Technology enables the secured exchange of data in a short range (4 to 8 cm), by establishing a peer to peer communication between the transponder and the reader. When two NFC enabled devices are in the proximity of the electromagnetic field of each other, they communicate by establishing the required channel. It is enough for any one of the two NFC devices to be active or powered.

This technology implementation on various flexible and wearable substrates through printing at Industrial scale, has significant challenges. REID Print Technologies through its printing expertise and design capabilities have been able to optimize antenna design and prototype them to the required standards.

A typical Printed NFC Circular or Rectangular Tag needs to be very carefully designed considering the underlying surface on which it will be printed. At REID we have been able to demonstrate and obtain the desired resonant frequency of (13.56 MHz) as efficiently and as effectively as possible on various commonly used substrates. Our abilities to efficiently print the capacitor of various sizes, features, and capacitance, along with the Inductor Coil provides the fully printed electronics solutions to the NFC Tag community.

Customization - NFC Tags Design, External Chip Integration

Reid Print Technologies provides customizable provisions to its customers based on their required dimensions of overall size, the length and width of the tag. For the desired dimensions, using our printing expertise, we will determine the number of the printed turns, printed trace width, and the gap between the traces. Thus, obtaining the desired Inductance with good quality factor for resonance matching purposes with enough range.

Printed NFC Reader Tags - Customized Design and System Integration

We have screen printed the reader antennas of various types, size on different substrates based on the requirements, and design needs of our customers. NFC reader antennas play an important role to communicate with the NFC TAG, or with another NFC device. Thereby, the communication range must be achieved through Q factor enhancements. Further, through the tuning or matching circuit the antenna communicates with the desired reader controllers available from different companies based on the needs of the customers applications. Thereby, we strive to provide printing solutions by being in regular and long-term communication with our customers.

For energy harvesting and further tuning purposes if the additional capacitor of any size and values is desired, we have provisions to pick and place them, during the process of printing. The following equations are being used while tuning the resonant frequency of the tag antenna with the connected chip.


Resonant Frequency of the NFC Tag
Inductance of the printed antenna
Internal Capacitance of the printed coil
Capacitance of the printed coil
Capacitance of the external matching capacitor (optional)