Flexible Printed Sensors for IOT Applications

Printed Flexible Circuits with Embedded Capacitive Switch and Backlighting

We have developed expertise in the field of Printed Electronics & amp; Sensors. This includes printing and testing electronics circuits using our well researched expertise on choosing relevant flexible substrates, printable inks and establishing repeatable printing and finishing techniques.
In many of our products, based on the need of the applications, we have been successful in designing and embedding complex printed capacitive sensors onto existing printed circuits.

Printed Proximity Sensors with LED array on Flexible Substrates

We have been successful in printing different types of sensors on flexible substrates. In most instances the printed sensors where customized based on the designs specified by the customer. Over time our ability to precisely embed and test the relevant electronic sensor chips on the printed circuitry has been appreciated by our customers and collaborators.

Reid Print Technologies specialises in the design and manufacture of flexible printed electronic products. Our in-house printing facility utilises automated screen-printing and large format digital printing. We offer engineering support for design, prototyping, and final product manufacturing. We have extensive experience in all types of materials and inks to meet your custom requirements and specialise in procurement of high specification materials used in the Defence Industry. We provide complete in-house product manufacturing capabilities.

Printed Capacitive Touch Sensors with LED Array on various Flexible Substrates

Printing complex Capacitive and other types of switches on different types of Flexible substrates has been our focus in recent years. Based on the our customers design and requirement we have succesfully demonstrated the process of printing switches for various applications.

Printed RF Antennas on Flexible Polyester Film

RF Antannas printed onto flexible Polyester Film, complete with standard connectors or punched to suit specific connection formats. With easy peel 3M adhesives to suit your application. Designs are based on customer requirements. Find out more about our RF Antennas