Positive Temperature Coefficient Heaters

PTC Heaters are a flexibly printed heater that can be transferrable onto any textile or garment. PTC Heaters are made through electronic print, utilising specialised inks to create the enhanced performance of the print.

These heaters are commonly used in apparel application for the use of heating specific clothing items. For example in the medical industry PTC heaters are utilised in back and knee braces. PTC heaters are also commonly used in lifestyle apparel such as heated jackets and boots for winter sports.



The self-regulating function further proves the PTC Heaters are very safe for use, removing the burden of constantly monitoring it. Reid Print Technologies can configure a maximum heat setting to ensure the heater performs efficiently for the desired heat application.


The ultra-thin print allows for the PTC Heaters to feel undetectable. This is especially beneficial to the apparel industry, ensuring the heater is not noticeable or feel bulky for the wearer.

Durability in Extreme Environments

Reid Print Technologies has over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of industrial strength products. The PTC Heaters are no exception to this and are made to withstand extreme environments.

Simple uncomplicated integration into existing products

The PTC Heaters can be printed on a vast variety of substrates dependant on the application or product it is to be integrated with. For example, in apparel PTC Heaters can be flexibly printed onto simple polyester fabrics if required.

Made to order offering full customization

Reid Print Technologies manufactures all PTC Heaters to order. Specific sizes, shapes, resistances, and configurations are dependent on the use case of the heater and what each customer requires. This ensures that we are catering to our specific needs and supply a product that achieves the desired results.

Battery operated

Having battery operated components are highly beneficial. This means that there are no restrictions of having to stay close by to a power point. This full mobility is highly attractive in the smart clothing industry.


Through screen printing specialised inks, PTC Heaters can be integrated into a variety of industry. Reid Print Technologies produces flexible PTC Heating solutions on a large production scale ensuring cost efficiency. PTC Heaters can be found in the following industries:

- Industrial
- Medical and Healthcare
- Automotive
- Mining
- Aerospace
- Sports and Recreation
- IoT
- Apparel
- Wearable Technology

Reid Print Technologies is Australia's leading manufacturer for printed electronics, including PTC Heaters. PTC heaters also known as Positive Temperature Coefficient Heater are made to order using various shapes, sizes and configurations.

If our PTC heating technology can help benefit your idea or product, enquire with us today.

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